23 September 2010

Low-Sodium Living In a Nation of Eaters

Filipinos like it five times a day.  Meals, that is.  Breakfast.  Morning snack.  Lunch.  Afternoon snack.  Dinner.  If we're lucky, we might even squeeze in a little dessert before finally calling it a day.

Eating many meals in a day is not necessarily bad.  But that depends.  Consider several factors such as your portions, nutritional value, and salt content.

The recommended daily allowance for salt is 4g to 6g a day.  And there is a reason for this: studies show that excessive salt consumption increases one's risks for heart disease and stroke, not to mention kidney stones and complications with diabetes.  It would be prudent therefore, to limit one's salt intake.

But cutting back on salt especially in a nation enamored with food – is this even possible? 

Filipinos love food and the many reasons why.  Food nourishes.  But also, food excites – the experience of different flavors stirs in us a new sense of life.  Food brings us together – see us gather at the table as a family, see us assemble as communities at our fiestas.  But most of all, food satisfies – who does not enjoy leaning back after a good meal and rubbing one's warm belly?

Is it possible to give all that up? It is.  With PANSALT®, mineral salt but with 43% less sodium, you can go light on the sodium but heavy in flavor.  So you actually give nothing up – except for high sodium and its harmful effects.

Developed in Finland by health experts after years of extensive research, PANSALT® is ideal for the health-conscious, hypertensives, and stroke patients.  It has also been found to improve the therapeutic effects of treatment drugs for high blood pressure. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and our two snacks in between.  Combined with a little more thoughtfulness to our meal portions and ingredients plus a sprinkling of low-sodium PANSALT®, who's to say Filipinos can't still get it five times a day? 

PANSALT® is available in 50g (50 x 1g sachets) and 450g boxes at leading supermarkets and drugstores.  Learn more about PANSALT by visiting www.pansalt.ph or calling (02) 531-4881 / 0917-811-SALT (7258).

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