07 October 2010

Finding A Healthier Salt Alternative

by Toni Tiu

My husband and I have been on a healthy eating kick lately. We are trying to be healthier parents for our toddler. Today it’s about catching up with the baby as he learns to walk, and tomorrow it’s about staying strong for him even in our old age.

Our last physical check-up yielded normal results, but we knew we could still live healthier. A big chunk of living healthy is eating healthy. Given that, my husband and I have cut soft drinks out of our diet. While I’m cutting down on my rice intake, my husband is now a salad convert. We’ve said our goodbyes to table liquid seasoning. I thought we would find the transition difficult, but I’m pleasantly surprised we’ve been quite successful at it. Neither one of us is cranky too.

I think it helps a lot that there are a lot of healthier options in the market now. Before, diets meant cardboard-tasting crackers and bland-tasting slimming drinks. Now, you can savor good food without the guilt. I believe a lot of it comes with good planning and carefully assessing your ingredients. Eating healthy does take more effort but it goes without saying that it sure pays off better.

PANSALT®, a healthier salt alternative, was something we were both interested in upon learning about it from a friend. We still love big flavors in our food, but we were pretty concerned about the dishes’ salt content. We read up on PANSALT® and learned that it’s a low-sodium mineral salt with iodine, magnesium and potassium. It’s a product of Finland, but distributed locally too. Excited about this healthier salt, we bought a box from Mercury Drug. Initially we thought it was pricey, but we decided to treat it as an investment in good health.

One favorite treat of ours is a bowl of diced pineapples sprinkled with salt. We did the same drill with PANSALT®,  dusting the fruit with the same amount of  PANSALT® as we would have with regular salt. To my relief, it tasted just like regular salt with no metallic or bitter aftertaste. Surprisingly, it had the same bold flavor of regular salt. Needless to say, my husband and I were excited that we could still enjoy our flavorful dishes with a healthier salt alternative which contains only 56-57% Sodium Chloride.

I love it when I find a product that’s a great fit with my family’s lifestyle. My husband and I are looking forward to trying PANSALT® on our favorite dishes. Right now I’m thankful that we have a healthier salt option and that we can enjoy our favorite savory dishes with less guilt!

Learn more about PANSALT® from their website: http://www.pansalt.ph.

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