07 January 2011

Hypertension & Diabetes

Diabetes and hypertension occur together so frequently that they are considered as "comorbidites" or diseases likely to be present in the same patient. Unfortunately, high blood pressure makes diabetes even more dangerous while diabetes makes high blood pressure more difficult to treat

The two diseases are likely to occur together because they share a common set of risk factors. One of which concerns Body Mass. Being overweight significantly increases the risk of both diseases. Another factor is Diet. High fat diets rich in salt and processed sugars are known to contribute to the development of organ problems that can lead to both hypertension and diabetes. Activity Level is another factor. A sedentary lifestyle makes insulin less effective which can lead to diabetes and can lead to the development of stiff blood vessels, increasing the risk of hypertension.

Statistics have it that diabetics are six times more likely to suffer a first heart attack and three to eight times more likely to die from heart disease than those without the disease. Because of the complications that diabetes can bring to those with or without hypertension, it is but wise to take efforts to avoid the risk factors leading to the disease. Aside from engaging in regular exercise to manage one's weight, one should also avoid food rich in fat, sugar and salt. Fortunately, controlling one's salt intake need not be difficult as PANSALT®, the low-sodium salt from Finland is now available in the market. Having the taste of common table salt while having a lower sodium content makes it the wise choice for hypertensives, diabetics and for everyone who wants to enjoy the full taste of common table salt without the unhealthy side effects.

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