14 December 2009


Christmas and New Year are joyous moments to spend with family and friends especially over a feast of our favorite Filipino dishes and delicacies. Gift-giving is likewise a highlight of gatherings and family reunions not to be missed by any inaanak, however young or old. As Filipinos, we are known to express our warmth, hospitality and love for family the most during this season.

With all the preparations for noche buena, media noche, and our traditional gift-giving also comes the added stress that seem to be inseparable from the holiday rush. Stress along with over-indulgence in fatty and salty foods, are major factors that could trigger hypertension and heart problems for many Filipinos. With the complications these health problems may yield to, the holidays may not be as merry for us.

This coming Christmas and New Year may be more enjoyable for Filipinos despite the added stress with the help of PANSALT®. Use the tastier, healthier salt in cooking for the holidays. Give it as a gift to people you care for: your parents, lolo’s and lola’s, tito’s and tita’s, ninong’s and ninang’s, and help them keep their blood pressure at a healthy level not only during the holidays but for the rest of the year.

Make PANSALT® your flavoring companion this season and give the gift of health to yourself and loved ones.

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